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Many properties have cracks, peeling paper, damp spots, chipped paint and even loose plaster. We can fix all these problems for you! There's nothing worse than getting a perfect finish and then only days later discovering that your wall needs replastering or treated for damp! We make sure all your surfaces are properly prepared before we start to avoid these problems occuring in the future.


Painted woodwork has always been popular, but after a while your wood (doors, skirtings, facings etc...) can become so thick with paint that it starts to crack off and even prevents your doors from properly shutting. This is why we make sure to strip all that old paint off and sand it back to a smooth, paint free surface perfect for re-painting. We then apply the gloss in smooth, thin layers to avoid this problem in the future.


After all the prep is completed we can get to work on your perfect finish. We have access to a wide range of colours and top quality paints to meet all your needs. We can supply you with colour charts and sample pots so you can find the colour that best fits your style. By the time we are finished we promise to have brought new life to your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

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